Snarky Post Defines: duckdynastied

duckdynastied /duk-die-nas-teed/ Verb 1. to be a a racist, homophobe, patriotic Christian making absurd statements against groups of people seeking to pander to a particular group or audience’s hatred           Ex. An overweight, scraggly conservative television icon recently duckdynastied in a GQ*                 interview:  “It seems like, to me, […]

Chooch Cuccinelli

The governor’s race in Virginia comes to a head on Tuesday with GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli, the ultra-conservative darling of the GOP, facing off against the DC Democratic insider, Terry McAuliffe, the darling of, well, Bill and Hillary Clinton. McClinton, er, McAuliffe was not put on the defensive over his lack of holding an elected […]

Hallmark Moved Chi-Chi LaRocha To Tears

All this hullabaloo over Hallmark’s desire that no one misinterpret their rewriting a lyric from a beloved Christmas classic is ridiculous.  So they changed the line from “Don we now our gay apparel” to “Don we now our fun apparel.”  What’s the big beef? Do you not realize that Hallmark must be concerned about its […]

KKK is Alive and Well in Kansas.

Kansas’ Kris Kobach (KKK), Republican Secretary of State and former Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party is making great strides in his attempt to eliminate voter fraud in his beloved state.  Although he champions the cause against rampant voter fraud, it’s reported he seems to have a problem citing any of these cases. KKK isn’t […]