We’re Taking Our Blankee and Teddy (Cruz) Bear And Going Home.

BratInto the wee hours of this morn, we US House of Representative members, bleary-eyed from both the hour and the scotch, voted to deliver the KO punch to the Senate approved continuing resolution (CR) to keep our government open for business beyond midnight Monday.  If those damn Senators hadn’t stripped out the part about defunding Obamacare we could have spent the night at home with our families or at Maximo’s Gentlemen’s Club on K Street. But no, we had to spend the entire night boozing and high-fiving it celebrating our victory over Obama.

(By the way those reports that there was a strong smell of liquor on our breath as we left the House chamber are fruly talse.  Stop those lying Tweets you tree-hugging, bleeding heart Libtards .)

Apparently the Dems don’t get it.  The Repubs are going to kill Obamacare or kill the US government which will eventually kill the US economy…and wait a couple of more weeks as we force the worldwide economy into a cataclysmic freefall as we will not raise the US debt ceiling.  See how you like that, Mr. President.

Even esteemed former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, said we GOPers are “Begging for America to fail.”  With all due respect, President Clinton, we’re not out to get our Beloved and God Blessed America, we’re out to get that foreigner, Barack Hussein Obama II.  And we’ve been at this since the day he became President; you heard our Senator Mitch McConnell say he was going to make sure Obama was going to be a one term president.  In spite of our GOP efforts in the Senate and House, he went ahead and got our economy out of the toilet, put people back to work and worked voodoo to accomplish diplomacy worldwide.  With all our obstruction, the guy can’t fail.  This time his Obamacare is messing with the big dogs.  Are they not realizing how much insurance lobbying money means to us?  If not, ask Hillary how her Task Force on National Health Care Reform is doing.

Our plan is simple.  That’s the way we think: simple.  If we don’t get our own way, we’re taking our blankee and teddy (Cruz) bear and going home.  We’re not interested in playing this government game anymore.  There is no negotiating with us, that’s downright un-American.  Who gives a care the debt ceiling was raised 18 times under the great President Ronald Reagan apparently we needed it more then to fund his wonderfully successful trickledown economics which we still can’t feel a spit spray much less a trickle but I expect we will any day now.

As for you 30 million uninsured Americans and those 5 million of you unable to g3et insurance due to some pre-existing conditions: it’s your own damn fault.  You should have gotten your insurance before your pre-existing condition; too late now.  Who’s fault is it?  Besides, those babies born with some kind of medical problem, don’t blame your Uncle Sam, blame your mommy and daddy for not having decent insurance to cover you.

Here’s the thing, people: if you get sick you can always go into your local hospital’s emergency room and wait for hours to see a medical person.  What better things you got going for ya?  Guaranteed you don’t get subscriptions to all the magazines they provide for you in the waiting room such as Better Home and Garden, the Epicurean or Yachter’s World.  Eventually you’ll be seen.

See why it’s so important we defeat Obamacare?  With everyone having insurance coverage, our doctors’ offices will be clogged with any riff raff such as illegal aliens or the poor, worse yet, the former middle class who are now poor.  While we’re sitting waiting to see our doctor the last thing we want to hear is some wah-wah story about losing your job, your house, your car.   We shouldn’t have to wait, we have better things to do with our time like creating more part-time, minimum wage opportunities for our fellow Americans.

Bottom line Senate, you’ll take our amended CR or we’re shutting the place down tomorrow night.  Of course we’ll blame the Dems for their inflexibility in not yielding to our will, er, I mean, the will of the people.



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