Do Nothing GOP Controlled House Finally Does Something.

Is this what we have become, America?  A nation of belly-achers?

For years we have pigeon-holed the GOP led US House of Representatives as a gaggle of do nothing obstructionists.  But now that they’ve finally done something – shutting down the government because they didn’t get their way over eliminating Obamacare – you’re whining over the whale of hurt about to be unleashed on America and our economy.  Is there no pleasing you?

Let me clarify that do nothing nonsense once and for all.  The elephant party has done plenty: voted to repeal Obamacare 42 times, voted on 44 anti-abortion bills, voted on 99 religion bills and voted on 36 bills to protect the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman (regardless of how many times that one man and one woman could remarry or do the bedroom whoopie on the side).

As if this wasn’t enough, an exorbitant amount of time was spent arguing on the House floor to strip out all mandatory insurance contraceptive coverage from Obamacare.  Why should our insurance industry pay for women to go, according to our Holy Father Rush, slutting around?  If they can afford to get all Jezebel’d up before hitting the bars and molesting some fine young Republican lads into turning into raving Libtards, they can afford their own damn birth control pills.

I bet you’re wondering why they never voted on President Obama’s job creating bill which was sent to them in 2011.  First of all, it’s a tough read with all those $3 words. Secondly, tell me how could they possibly fit it into their schedule cranking out all those other bills to repeal Obamacare and abortion or champion the definition of traditional marriage.  Does the average American think they sit around drinking martinis all day?


All of this accomplished under the leadership of our esteemed colleague and Weeper of the House, sorry, I meant to say Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  A man who will no longer be remembered as Orange Man.  Some of you are now referring to Johnny as Jellyfish Man; lacking a backbone to be a congressional leader.  If this were the case, how could he lead his lemming House GOPers – and the entire nation – over the cliff?

Of course Johnny had a little help from his friend, Senator Ted, proselytizing fellow Grand Old Party members to hop on their plane, affectionately known as the Flying Teabag, to crash the government (and the economy) because the President and Senate won’t cave their way. Don’t get what you want, pull a tantrum, secede, threaten, stick out your tongue…eventually you’ll win, right?  After all, is that not the new American way?

Another thing: stop sobbing over the 780,000 federal workers being furloughed impacting millions of their family members.  Let them skip a meal or two.  Mortgage and car payments will have to wait.  Everybody has to sacrifice.  Do you realize the turmoil our congress is now experiencing having to excruciatingly endure an hour or two delay in receiving their pay as a good chunk of the government’s payroll department has been laid off?  And if that isn’t bad enough, think of their expense accounts not being promptly paid due to a cutback in federal accounts payable personnel? How much longer will liquor stores supply congressional booze before the spigot gets shut off due to nonpayment?

The bottom line, America, at your urging our congress has finally done something and shutdown the biggest US employer and all the services provided to we Americans.  Probably won’t be long before you’re wishing for the good old days of our having a Do Nothing Congress.

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