GOP’s Killer Fundraiser Idea: Raffle Semiautomatic Rifles


This Sunday, the Rhode Island Republican Party will be sponsoring a Family Fun Day at the South County Rod & Gun Club featuring a number of guns to be raffled off to raise funds for this fine local GOP organization.  Like any novel idea, this has thrown the entire state into a tizzy.  The Dems loath the idea of putting more potentially lethal weapons on the street, even some weak-kneed Repubs are not in favor of the idea obviously caving to the bad press they’ve been receiving not to mention the public outrage.

Can you believe these screaming boneheads would have the audacity to point out that one of the guns scheduled to be raffled will be a Smith & Wesson A-15 semiautomatic which is a version of the AR-15 used by Adam Lanza in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in nearby Newton, Connecticut? How can you possibly link the two events?  Adam Lanza is thought to have stolen his AR-15 from his mom’s private personal arsenal of weapons which were all, every single one, purchased legally; the person who will be toting home the RI GOP’s semiautomatic will have won it fair and square having purchased a fundraising raffle ticket.  Get it, Lanza stole his mom’s AR-15 whereas the Rhode Island GOP’s lucky raffle winner would have legitimately won the A-15 by having bought the winning raffle ticket.  If a child of say 8 or 10 wins, he or she will have learned a valuable life skill at a very early age: in order to succeed, you have to take a chance. Or in this case, buy a chance.

Give me a break, Rhode Islanders.  If the Montana GOP or Texas GOP sponsored a rifle raffle you’d hear about as much noise from local residents as you’d hear fish farting in a stream.  Instead you go all anti-gun whining to the newspapers and blubbering about it on all the radio talk shows: blah, blah, blah see how far that gets you.

The mayor of Providence, Angel Taveras (What’s up with the name Angel? Does he have wings or something?) had one of his staff members speak for him, “Mayor Taveras thinks it is outrageous. A semiautomatic weapon is not a raffle prize; it is a weapon that can inflict lethal force. We do not need more of these weapons winding up on our streets.”  So what’s your point, Angel?  Ever read the constitution specifically the 2nd Amendment where it conclusively states we have the right to raffle off semiautomatics like the AR-15?  Besides what difference will it make to have a few more guns on the street?  Ever think that maybe these guns won at the GOP Family Fun Day by the good guys will be used vigilante-style to go after the bad guys?

See what we’re up against, people?  A politician, of course a Dem, taking a shot at us because we came up with this novel, killer fundraising idea.  Goes to show you how unAmerican these Liberal namby-pambies are.  If you take away our God given right to hold semiautomatic gun raffles today; tomorrow will you take aim at our right to bear arms when we go to Starbucks to buy our Cinnamon Dolce Lattes?

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