KKK is Alive and Well in Kansas.

KrisKobachKansas’ Kris Kobach (KKK), Republican Secretary of State and former Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party is making great strides in his attempt to eliminate voter fraud in his beloved state.  Although he champions the cause against rampant voter fraud, it’s reported he seems to have a problem citing any of these cases.

KKK isn’t all that happy with the federally recognized National Voter Registration Act of 1993 which requires all those who wish to vote must sign an oath under the penalty of perjury that they are a U.S. citizen.  Not good enough for KKK.  He wants voters/potential voters to play by his set of rules which would require documentation.  In other words you are not a U.S. citizen unless you prove to KKK that you are.  Kind of convoluted.  I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty rather than guilty until proven innocent.

The Supreme Court found a similar case involving Arizona trying to make the federal law even more stringent by proof of citizenship unconstitutional.

 Sidebar: KKK is well acquainted with Arizona.  He was the author of Arizona’s “Papers Please” law (April 23, 2010) before KKK ran for his present office.  But I digress.

Crafty Kansas’ Kris Kobach (KKK) has a workaround to avoid compliance with federal law and at the same time institutes his own voter requirement which some consider a typical Republican attempt to suppress the vote.  It’s a dual tiered voter program that works something like this:

  1. Voters who take the federal oath and also comply with KKK’s new policy of proving their U.S. Citizenship will be considered to be a FULL VOTER and eligible to vote in national, state and local elections.
  2. Voters who only take the federal oath and NOT comply with KKK’s new policy of proving their IU.S. Citizenship will be considered to be PARTIAL VOTERS and eligible to vote only in national elections.

Imagine the little old ladies working at Kansas polling stations handing our two different ballots.  You thought Florida’s 8 to 10 hour wait times were unconscionable.  This is downright unconstitutional..

Let’s be honest, Mr. KKK, since you cannot identify the pervasive voter fraud in your state I’m guessin’ there could be another motive in play.  Surely you would never participate in a Republican scheme to not have immigrants or the poor – who would probably vote for Democratic Candidates – not vote.

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