Chooch Cuccinelli

CuchThe governor’s race in Virginia comes to a head on Tuesday with GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli, the ultra-conservative darling of the GOP, facing off against the DC Democratic insider, Terry McAuliffe, the darling of, well, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McClinton, er, McAuliffe was not put on the defensive over his lack of holding an elected public office by Cuccinelli.   With so much political baggage, the Cuch, found himself defending lightening rod issues affecting every female in Virginia principally reproductive rights.  Not for nuthin’, Cuch, but I’m sort of thinking that someone should have informed you Virginia is 51% female.  And of those 49% who are male, most will be too afraid to not vote who the Mrs. tells them to vote for.

The ads for McAuliffe were heavily supported by dollars from previous GOP donors who rerouted their bucks to McAuliffe since obviously they were aware of the declining polls for the Cuch. This is why over the past week; McA outspent the Cuch by 25-to-1 in television ad buys: hammering home a simple message: the Cuch is bad for women and McClinton will stonewall any attempts to take away a woman’s reproductive rights.

The Cuch has opposed abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk. And because he supports personhood “life begins at the very moment of fertilization”  some birth control methods, such as the morning after bill, are a no-no.  Cuch also proposes to make it more difficult to get a divorce in a household having minor children.  You women in abusive relationships suck it up and stay to your bastard, wife-beating husband.  It’s good that Little Johnny sees daddy smacking around his mom as it’ll toughen him up.

Why is this chooch Cuch so focused on women’s private parts, reproductive rights (yes, for those who received an ultrasound of a wand up their woohoo, he advocated that they receive a picture of the results an obvious ploy to guilt them into not having an abortion) and family marriage dynamics?

During the campaign’s final days, the Cuch reminds women at each of his campaign stops to urge other women to come out and vote for him as he talks about his wife and daughters.  Oh, now I get it, you have a wife and daughters therefore you’re pro-women in spite of stomping on women’s rights.  Maybe that page in the GOP playbook use to work before them women-folk done got themselves smartenized.

Just what you need Virginia, another GOPer to distract the conversation away from jobs and your local economy.  All Virginia women, I urge you to come out and vote on Tuesday.  And, I’d vote for Terry McClinton, ah, McAuliffe if I were you…he’s not about taking away any of your rights.

(Virginia Democrats and ALL women of whatever political persuasion, the Cuch is counting on you not coming out to vote.  He was wrong about women.  Let’s prove him wrong about Virginian voter turnout.) 

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