Ania Lisewska’s Mission: To Have Sex With 10,000 Men

Ania_Lisewska_fbookPeople have a mission in life. Some want to be research scientists.  Others seek to teach at prominent universities.  Still others thirst to explore the universe as an astronaut.

;Ania Lisewska also has a mission: to have sex with 10,000 men: hopefully not all at one sitting, er, session.

Poland is where Ania calls home and thus far has reportedly logged in her first 450 men helping her to attain her goal.  As the Austrian Times reports:

“I [Ania] want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men. In Poland the subject of sex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a whore or mentally ill.”

She states that the climax of her lofty worldwide 10,000 men handy-panky ambition is to lay claim to the most multi-partnered sex category in the Guinness book of world records…that is if her efforts don’t lead her to an STD death first.

Although her steady boyfriend was not exactly stimulated about her resume building efforts, he has come to terms with it.

Since Ania only intends to work on her project nonstop on weekends, it is estimated it will take her over 20 years to accomplish her boudoir peccadilloes.  Leaving zero time to bake a cake for the annual St. Stanislaus Church’s Ladies Auxiliary Cake Sale or to attend little Johnny Lisewska’s Saturday soccer match.

I’m smelling a book followed by a Hollywood deal here. Not to mention extreme revenue from a strategically positioned internet webcam.

.When famous drag queen ChiChi LaRue was recently told of Ania’s 10,000 man-sex quest, he snorted, “Amateur”.

Currently Ania’s Facebook webpage has over 88,000 likes.  With such an impressive showing of potential international meet-and-greets, perhaps her max of 10,000 men should be expanded to 100,000 putting her well into her eighties before completion.


P.S. Memo to Ania, Guinness does not have a category for most men you have had sex with. But what the hay, 10,000 sacks would make you the envy of even Peter Rabbit.














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