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Hallmark Moved Chi-Chi LaRocha To Tears

All this hullabaloo over Hallmark’s desire that no one misinterpret their rewriting a lyric from a beloved Christmas classic is ridiculous.  So they changed the line from “Don we now our gay apparel” to “Don we now our fun apparel.”  What’s the big beef? Do you not realize that Hallmark must be concerned about its […]

Equality Italia: Ciao Barilla

You people are so touchy.  Especially you gays.  How could you be insulted by a statement made by the chairman of the board of Barilla Pasta, Guido Barilla?  You twist his comment like fusilli (corkscrew pasta).  Clearly you’re overreacting. All he said: “I would never make a [television] spot with a homosexual family. Not out […]